April 22

14th Biennial National Orthodontic Congress Association of Philippine Orthodontists

April 22, 2024
By Dr. Dennis C. Lim

The Association of Philippine Orthodontists held its 14th Biennial National Orthodontic Congress on March 4-5, 2024 at Lanson Place, SM MOA Complex, Pasay City. The theme of the congress was “Breaking Barriers: Women Leaders in Orthodontics”. A total of 182 registrants attended the two whole day congress wherein six (6) esteemed international speakers were invited to share their expertise in the field of orthodontics. There were two speakers on day one, wherein Dr. Somchai Satravaha from Thailand discussed on Early treatment of Class III malocclusion and early orthodontic treatment and Dr. Elisabeth Margaret Ute Schneider Moser from Italy shared on Complex interdisciplinary treatment in adult patients and Orthodontic treatment solutions in patients with missing teeth in the esthetic zone.

At the end of day one, the guests were invited to a memorable gala night in one of the roof top of a hotel in Intramuros (a city within the walls). On day two of the congress, Dr. Geraldine Lee from Singapore presented on Digital advances in orthodontics while Dr. Priscilla Lu also from Singapore discussed about the new trends in Lingual orthodontics. The topic on the relationship between malocclusion, orthodontics and sleep apnea and innovative treatments for adults with obstructive sleep apnea was shared by Dr. Therese Galang-Boquiren from United States while Dr. Mihee Hong from South Korea discussed the conventional orthodontic treatment for challenging malocclusions in adults and correcting malocclusions with aligners + TADS. There was also hands-on workshop for attendees who were interested to learn about mini screws implant placement. Aside from the lectures, poster presentations on research and clinical category were also displayed.



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