December 26

A Great Honor For The APO!

December 26, 2023

Written by: Crissie Camara Santayana

APOS Honorary Fellow APO Life Fellow

From amongst our colleagues at the Association of Philippine Orthodontists (APO) the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) of the Republic of the Philippines has awarded Dr. Ermelinda Sabater Galang DMD , MS, FAPO, DPBO, FICD, FADI as the 2023 Outstanding Professional of the Year in the field of Dentistry.

The "Oustanding Professional of the Year award" is the highest award bestowed by the Commission upon a professional as recommended by hi/her peers for having sufficiently demonstrated professional competence of the highest degree and conducted himself/herself with integrity in the exercise of his/her profession. The demonstration of competence and integrity are shown by the professional's meaningful participation in professional activities through the professional organization, significant controbution for the advancement of the profession, and effective discharge of social responsibility through personal or professional engagement in social-related activities.

Linda as she is fondly called is a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry for her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree and Georgetown University at Washington DC for her Masters in Science in Orthodontics.

She has always excelled in her professional life; early on she was first placer at the National Dental Board exam. She was a Charter/Founding member of the APO and is certainly contributory to what the APO is today. Although Linda served as APO President in 1984-1986, she gladly took over the APO Presidency in 2019 when it was most needed.

The Position seeks the Person and Linda had also served as President to the Academy of Dentistry International, President to the International College of Dentists, Republic of the Philippines Sections. Linda was also a founding faculty member of the Graduate Program in Orthodontics at the University of the Philippines College of Dentistry in 1989, the country’s first university-based postgraduate program. Her total dedication to teaching lead her to assume the position of Chair in 1996-1997. She continued to serve as Professorial Lecturer at the UPCD Graduate Program in Orthodontics from 1989-1996.

Her current positions include the following:

  • Member, Accreditation and Credentials , PBO 2023-2024 Member, Board of Trustees, UPDAA
  • Exclusive Practice of Orthodontics , 1969 to the present

Linda continues to maintain active membership in the following organizations:


  • Fellow, World Federation of Orthodontists
  • Life Fellow, Academy of Dentistry International, Republic of the Phillippines Section, Inc.
  • Life Fellow, International College of Dentists Philippines Section, Inc
  • Life Fellow, Association of Philippine Orthodontists, Inc
  • Diplomate and Life Member, Philippine Board of Orthodontics, Inc.
  • Former International Member, American Association of Orthodontist
  • Senior Member, Quezon City Dental Chapter, Inc.
  • Life Member, Philippine Dental Association
  • Life Member, University of the Philippines Alumni Association
  • Trustee, University of the Philippines Dental Alumni Association

The following are Linda’s bullet point important highlights of her contributions to the advancement of the Profession:

Contribution to the Advancement of the Profession

  • Charter Director of APO and PBO
  • UP Manila Graduate Program in Orthodontics - Professorial Lecturer for 7 years and eventually became Assistant Professor and Chair of the Orthodontic Graduate Program
  • Appointed as PBO Representative to the World Federation of Orthodontists
  • Committee on National and Regional Orthodontic Certifying Boards
  • Activated the Community Oral Health Education Program (COHEP) during my term as President of ICD Philippine Section
  • Helped in raising 5M through Sen Ramon Magsaysay Jr. to build the new UP College of Dentistry building at UP Manila
  • As Chair of the PBO Committee on Accreditation and Credentials, worked for accreditation of universities offering Orthodontic Graduate Programs which led to the Accreditation of UP Orthodontic Graduate Program recently
  • Co-editor of the APO Book "APO at 40: Creating and Celebrating Beautiful Smiles" covering the history of APO and its milestones
  • Aside from being active in professional activities related to Orthodontics, Linda still finds the time and inspiration to serve in various socio- related activities whether it be religious or civic in nature.

    Dr. Ermelinda Sabater Galang is also the proud mother of 3 children: Dr. Marie Therese Galang Boquiren , an Orthodontist, a Professor and Director of Predoctoral Orthodontics at the Department of Orthodontics of University of Illinois at Chicago;

    Fernando Felipe S. Galang businessman (deceased) and Rachel S. Galang a graphic artist.

    Dr Ernelinda Sabater Galang.... A true professional! We salute you! Congratulations on this award; you do APO Proud!



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