December 19

2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS) Executive Committee Members (ECM)

December 19, 2022

Written by;
Dr. Sylvia Tan,
Assistant Treasurer and Website Editor APOS

The 2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Asian Pacific Orthodontic Society (APOS) Executive Committee Members (ECM) was held as a hybrid meeting on 30th October 2022 in conjunction with the joint conference of the 55th Annual Congress of the Korean Association of Orthodontists (KAO) and the 13th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Congress (APOC). The physical meeting was held at the COEX Conference in Seoul.

The AGM was called to order by APOS President Dr Eric Liou at 9.00am. The meeting was held physically and in zoom format and started with a roll call for the Office Bearers and ECM from all nineteen Affiliate Members. We also welcome the Observers from the Affiliate Member Societies and Resource persons from the Vietnamese Association of Orthodontists (VAO).

After the approval of the proposed agenda for the 2022 AGM, ratification of the minutes of the 2021 APOS AGM were carried out and approved. The President’s, Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were announced and approved on the floor. At this point, Dr Roberto Tan introduced the new Assistant Treasurer, Dr Luisa Neo who will be taking over Dr Sylvia Tan’s role as she steps down after the AGM today.

Committee reports from the APFORE Chairman, Dr Tanan Jaruprakorn and the APOS Journal from Dr Eric Liou were read and approved. Dr Sylvia Tan (APOS Website Editor) presented her report on the website and announced our search for the next Website Editor. Dr Kelvin Wen-Chung Chang has kindly volunteered his services for this role, and we are very thankful for his contributions.

Dr Dong-Hwa Ching, Vice President of the APOS presented his report on the 13th APOC, 55th KAO Annual Scientific Conference and the Residents’ Forum. This was followed by an update of the 14th APOC by Dr Spinx Lu, Taiwan Association of Orthodontists ECM. The 14th APOC will be held on 3rd to 5th December 2024 in Taipei. The host for the 2023 AGM Dr Manish Bajracharya (ODOAN ECM) presented his report for the face to face meeting and shared details and venue of the ODOAN conference. This will coincide with the World Orthodontic Health Day (WOHD).

The membership application from the Vietnamese Association of Orthodontists (VAO) were reviewed and voted upon. We are pleased to congratulate VAO as the next Affiliate Member of the APOS. Dr Geraldine Lee, Association of Singapore Orthodontists (AOS) ECM proceeded to present the AOS bid to be host for the 15th APOC in 2026.

As we come to the end of the term for the Office Bearers, elections of the new APOS Office Bearers were carried out. We are pleased to announce the new Office Bearers:

  • President: Dr Roberto Tan
  • Vice President: Prof. Zakir Hossain
  • Secretary General: Dr Kieran O’Neill
  • Treasurer: Dr Geraldine Lee
  • Internal Auditors: Dr Bolormaa Snbayar, Dr Shalene Kereshanan
  • APFORE Chairman: Dr Somchai Satravaha

The Chairman also announced the names of the incoming 2022-2024 APOS ECM from the Affiliate Societies and thanked the outgoing ECMs for their contribution and help to the APOS. The 2022 AGM adjourned at 12.29pm.



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